Wednesday, 6 April 2011


The Association of Circulation Executives (ACE) has voted Airgun Shooter Best Magazine Launch, 2010 - and also placed it third, behind the new 'I' newspaper and the Daily Mail in the Overall Launch category!

The ACE awards are effectively the Oscars of the media industry, and recognise the contribution to the newstrade made by publishers on many aspects, such as sales, circulation and sector value. 

While the achievement in itself is particularly outstanding on the part of everyone involved with the magazine, for an airgun publication to take gold and bronze awards in these categories - particularly given the stiff competition - is testimony to just how big an impact the title's launch has had to both the shooting industry and the general newstrade.

As its launch editor, I am of course very proud - but this magazine has been a team effort. So, on behalf of the whole Airgun Shooter crew at Blaze Publishing, I must pass on a heartfelt 'thank you' to all those readers who have supported us. These awards are a true reflection of just how much we've raised the bar in terms of airgun journalism.

While the year's first 13 issues have clearly made an impact, the magazine continues to go from strength to strength and, as I write this, I'm only a few days away from passing issue no. 17 for press... and can tell you that not only are there some tremendous scoops lined up in that, but there are a fair few more to come from issue no. 18 onwards!

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Airgun Shooter wins top awards from the Association of Circulation Executives