Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Neat Pellet Key Fob and Zip Attachment

By way of a visit to this blog, my attention has been brought to this really neat accessory. It's a key-fob turned in the shape of an airgun pellet... and my keys - to the car, house and gun safes - now have a 9.5 mm. Air Arms Field dangling from them!

They're made by keen UK airgunner Andy Perkins - and as well as a selection of 'old favourites', he'll even hand-turn a pellet up in your chosen brand. Super-H-Point, AccuPell... no problem for handy Andy!

He makes them in two sizes - 9.5 mm. and 15 mm. - and he got the idea when he couldn't grasp his zip toggles when wearing his shooting gloves. Hey... that's another great idea for these pellet fobs...

For something that's hand-turned, they're certainly excellent value. Inclusive of postage, they cost £4.50 (9.5 version) and £7.00 (15 version). Bargain! (And for a bit more, he'll also post internationally.)

They're pretty much the best 'custom' key-fob holders you'll get - so why not grab one for yourself? Contact Andy via e-mail here.


  1. I've just received my key fob/zipper pull from Mr. Perkins and I must say that I am completely delighted with my purchase. Mr. Perkins' product goes equally well on my keychain as well as on my zipper. Thank you Mr. Perkins, I am a very satisfied customer.

  2. Now thats a key fob to beat all key fobs.
    At last something made for us airgunners and i think its a brilliant idea.

    I may be ordering a few for our lads at DVS.

  3. Neat pellet key fob will be a great gift to my father. He's in the military and that accessory will suits him.