Friday, 2 October 2009

NEW FX ROYALE 400 PCP - sneak preview VIDEO!

I've been testing the new Royale 400 from FX Airguns for December's Air Gunner magazine of late - a lovely buddy bottle multi-shot that, I reckon, will be an instant hit.

I've already knocked over a 40-metre crow with it, plus a couple of mid-range woodies - and I've only taken it hunting the once so far! On paper, it's incredibly accurate (with Air Arms Field 5.52) and the thumbhole stock handles beautifully.

It's available in synthetic (for £799) - or £149 extra gets the flagship walnut model, which I'm showing in the video here (and writing about in the magazine).

I hope you like the movie... and you can read my full report, exclusively in December's Air Gunner magazine, on sale at all good newsagents from the first Thursday of November.

P.S. Let me know what you think of the movie. This is my first... but could be the first of many if it goes down well! You can also find this video on YouTube, where the quality is better than what this Blog allows.


  1. Hi Nige.
    Congratulations on the video, very well produced and informative. I look forward to watching more as you post them. I like the look of the rifle and will be reading your report in Air Gunner.
    All the best.

  2. THAT looks good mate, and the FX could be what I'm looking for as a vermy replacement.

    You should be able to upload the vids to youtube and link into them. That way you can get HD quality as well.

  3. I think you did a smashing job of the video, well done!

    It felt professional and the content was highly interesting.

    More please!

  4. sweet video well done and so much nicer and on a more personal level than just reading text

  5. Thanks Charlie/Andy. I'm going to be doing a few more videos from now on. Short stuff, really. Check out (or subscribe to) my YouTube Channel - where you'll see these. (I won't always be putting them on the blog because of the size.) Cheeers.

  6. Very Nice Video - Thanks, helps to make choosing the next rifle much easier!

    I like the look of rifle very much, I'm left handed, so would be looking for at least a ambidextrous stock.

    I've not heard anything back from FX yet as to when, or even if, they will make an ambidextrous option.

    If they don't, they instantly reduce their potential market by 13%

    Still there is always the Dayste option if I acn save up an extra couple of hundred, so all's not lost.

  7. Nigel - Great Video. If you had a choice would you go for the MFR Rapid, Rapid 7 Mk2 or FX400?

  8. Thanks. Well, they're all good rifles and I've shot them all. But the FX would probably be my choice these days... it's just that bit newer.