Sunday, 29 August 2010

A PCP dedicated for left-handers

If you're a Southpaw fed up with having to 'make-do' with guns designed for right-handed shooting, then you're going to love the new rifle from RWS!

Despite its German-branding, this particular precharged pneumatic has been designed by a famous British airgunmaking name... and is delivered in some rather exotic, Italian-made woodwork. So, an eclectic mix, for sure.

You can read all about the LR20 Carbine - and its longer Rifle stablemate, the LR25 - in the September 2010 edition of Airgun Shooter magazine (subscribe here for a special rate and a great gift) - but why not check out my short video on its fascinating bolt.

In seconds - and with no tools - you can simply swap it from a right-handed operation... to a left-handed one. In conjunction with its ambidextrous stock, it's what makes this the ultimate rifle for airgunners who like to hoist their rifles into their left shoulder...

1 comment:

  1. Very good solution to the southpaw challenge. Similar to the S410 with left-hand stock and left-hand bolt action that I use (admittedly special order, which is the point you're making re the RWS). Not sure it compares very favorably with the S410 though: smaller magazine capacity, heavier, longer, that bolt needs to lie down and a silencer fitted to a shrouded barrel is gonna look daft!

    This design will hopefully give manufacturers like AA and Weihrauch something to think about with their right-hand centric side lever designs. It would be great if manufactures become aware of the plight of 10 percent of their target market... and yes it makes a huge difference if you don't need to swap hands to reload!

    Excellent review by mr McFee, and just as well, the RUAG site is pathetic.