Wednesday, 16 November 2011


The new charity airgun hunting DVD - Rise of the Verminators
Si Pittaway - YouTube tag 'Zinaroon' - has told me that he's been able to release his charity airgun hunting DVD, Rise of the Verminators, ahead of schedule.

Available now, it's a riveting, 128-minute long hunting film that's been put together by Si and many of his hunting buddies who regularly post their airgun stuff onto YouTube - but the best news is that all the money goes to charity.

Si is a warrant officer currently serving in the British Forces, so it's no surprise that he's putting all the proceeds from his movie project into services-related charities - primarily Treats4BritishTroops and, also, the more well-known charity Help for Heroes.

I've put Si's Rise of the Verminators trailor up on AirgunTV some time ago, so if you haven't already seen it, go check it out; it gives you a good indication of its diversity of content.

If you'd like to buy this DVD and support a worthwhile cause, then send a minimum donation of £10.99 to his charity PayPal account - To pay by conventional means, contact Si directly via email here.

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  1. hi Nigel
    I must say its well worth the £10.99
    I just recently purchased one,and its fantastic!!

    thanks for your support