Thursday, 23 February 2012

BSA resumes spring gun production in Birmingham

I've just got off the phone with Martin Lowe, the MD of the Birmingham Small Arms Company, aka BSA Guns - with fantastic, breaking news.

He tells me that, from next month, production of BSA spring guns will be returning to their historic Birmingham factory from Spain, starting with the BSA Lightning XL... and he's even invited me up there to take one of the very first guns off the UK production line to test it for myself in Airgun Shooter magazine.

I can't wait - and I'm sure I speak on behalf of all UK airgunners when I say: "Welcome back to Britain, BSA!"

BSA Lightning XL - soon to be made back at BSA's Armoury Road, Birmingham factory 


  1. Excellent news, I've been thinking about buying a Lightning for a while but left off because a BSA -should- be made in Birmingham! No problem with Gamo stuff, just have an emotional feeling that BSA rifles should be made in Brum. Rob M

  2. Aren't the Spanish made/ assembled BSA's of inferior quality? My Spanish made BSA Lighnting XL broke down after 100 pellets, probably partly due to a too heavy spring in a lightweight airgun.

  3. Great news especialy if they can supply in walnut!!!

  4. Are they manufacturing all the parts in UK or are they only assembling the rifle with Spanish made parts??

    Peter in Sweden

  5. Hi Nigel
    when you try the new rifle could you publish
    serial number in airgun shooter so people
    will know if buying one it is a Birmingham
    made one or old gamo in spain one.

  6. Have you had chance to review this gun yet?

  7. UK is kind of Hub of guns manufacturers.