Monday, 13 July 2009


Well - how time flies! One or two followers have prompted me about not posting anything recently... and firstly I must apologise for the lack of recent entries. My excuse? Well, I've been busy working... and busy playing around with a 12-bore O/U shotgun!

As a long-time airgunner, venturing into a completely different shooting sport is extremely exciting - but I've also been quite surprised at how 'hard' it's been. There's me thinking the switch from rifleman to shotgunner would be a fairly easy transition but, in fact, it's quite the opposite. Airgunning's a precision sport, whether you're shooting field targets at 50 metres or honing-in on a woody's bonce at 30. Shotgunning, on the other hand, is far less deliberate; far more of an instinctive thing.

I think I'm probably over-thinking everything when the Beretta's in my shoulder: head position, aim, yardage etc. etc. The bird I got on the wing yesterday evening was my first (having wasted a half-dozen cartridges on previous forays). It was the second of both barrels, the first load being aimed at another pigeon before I swung onto the bird which I eventually dropped. The funny thing is that I don't remember why (or how) I made this a telling shot. I guess, in the end, it was an 'instinctive' shot - and that's why the bird fell out of the sky!

Having to touch off the trigger whilst the barrels are still moving is going to be a very difficult thing to come to terms with. I reckon I've shot over a quarter-million airgun pellets in my life, each and every one of them whilst deliberately trying to keep the barrel as still as possible.

And what's my verdict re. airgun vs shotgun? Well, the jury's out. Okay, I might be able to take birds on the wing - but I don't half miss the precision-delivered shot that a high quality air rifle and 12x scope offers...


  1. Dont worry nigel im sure you will be as good as digweed in a few half centuries eddie

  2. Hi Eddie - I'll be happy if I'm half as good! (Or even 100th as good!)

    Still fancy that lovely SbS Webley sidelock...

  3. hi nigel, it is a nice gun mate was well impressed.Been out testing the webley sidewinder alot lately in the field and its spot on..quiet as hell too.will update my blog with my results as soon as i have bashed it about a bit

  4. Hi Eddie. Like your stuff in AG.

  5. Hi nigel , thanks for the encouraging words, i didn`t think i could do it as i cant write for toffy but its easy just putting down how it happens on the day so its easier.I did look out for you at the fair but i think you was in meetings every time , lol.