Friday, 24 September 2010

Harkila Lynx GTX6 - UPDATE

Harkila's Lynx GTX6 boot - super-comfy even after 39 hours' continuous wearing in the Midland mud!
Okay, so as I mentioned in my previous post, I wore these to the Midland Game Fair. Actually, I as good as lived in them. They were on my feet from 06:00 hrs on the Saturday until 03:00 hrs on Sunday (we had a party - don't ask!), then back on again at 06:30 hrs until I got home at 21:00 hrs Sunday night.

Amazingly, my feet weren't even sweaty. And I mean, as dry as a bone! Despite wearing them continuously for a 39-hour period with just a 3.5-hour break some 21 hours in, my feet came out of the Gore-Tex inners without even a trace of dampness (plus they didn't smell, either).

What's more, they weren't aching, either... and neither was my back, despite being on my feet (standing and walking) for the duration of the very long weekend. I can now say, officially, that these are the most comfortable shoes - let alone walking/stalking boots - I've ever had the pleasure of owning.

On the practical front, my concerns about the soles being a bit slippery are sort of founded. On normal terrain, they're perfect - but it rained a lot over the MGF weekend, and where there was a lot of mud and a reasonable slop, the Harkilas did feel a bit slippery under foot... though I'm not sure well-treaded boots would have been much better. It wasn't a hindrance; I just had to ensure my footfalls were carefully considered.

The Fenix TK12 R5 tactical LED flashlight from The Photon Shop
I went lamping with them last night, trying out the the new Fenix TK12 R5 tactical LED flashilight from The Photon Shop (keep an eye on my Blog for a fuller report soon), and I can tell you that the Lynx is the perfect stalking boot. Even on rough terrain and in the pitch black, you can 'feel' your way brilliantly. 

Given that they look like they're built to last a lifetime from top-quality materials, I can highly recommend the Harkila Lynx GTX - but if you decide to buy a pair mail order, I suggest you go a half-size up on your normal shoe size.

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  1. The cleats do look very shallow on these - also I do wonder about the ankle support. I prefer leight-weigh military 'patrol' boots - they have a deep cleat(sole pattern) and are usually 8 inches high to support ankles.