Wednesday, 20 May 2009

.22 Calibre Officially Better Than .177!

.22 calibre is better than .177 - and that's now official!

The verdict comes from the votes cast by readers of my blog over the past few months - with almost 1 in 2 of airgunners saying they favoured the bigger bore size.

However, .177's still popular with more than 1 in 3 airgunners, showing that the dominance of the larger calibre is coming under threat. My bet would be that if this poll was run 10 years ago on a UK blog, the .22 would have won a landslide victory.


1st - .22 with 48% of the vote

2nd - .177 with 35% of the vote

3rd - .20 with 16% of the vote

4th - .25 with 1% of the vote

There's a new poll starting today. Now we know your favourite calibre - tell us your favourite type of pellet. My money's on the round-head winning, but who knows? You decide...


  1. Im still not sure which i prefere Nigel. Stopping power the 22 but the flight path and accuracy i would have to favour the 177. I do use both and i find after using one of them for a while the other tends to get neglected.

  2. Steve - your second sentence sums it up. I guess it's horses for courses. For close range, you want the stopping power - so .22. For longer range, you want the accuracy of a forgiving trajectory - the .177. But what about windage. Is one better than the other?