Sunday, 3 May 2009

Range Right Fast Fire 10 - Test

If you've been following my blog, you'll remember me mentioning about the fun I was having with the Range Right Fast Fire 10 (here); this PCP is probably the fastest-firing air rifle on the planet! Well, my full review's now out and you can read all about it in June's edition of Air Gunner magazine, on sale at newsagents now.

Made in the UK by Phoenix Airguns, the Fast Fire 10 is a take-down that comes with two bottle options and a unique grip-action auto-loading system that allowed me to empty its 10-shot magazine in eight seconds flat!

The rifle's also supplied with a hard case and a special silencer - the FF10 - which utilises a special reverse-thrust system of air channels inside to help reduce muzzle crack and prevent barrel flip. It's a helluva long silencer, but super-lightweight thanks to its carbon-fibre casing.

Despite all the fun I had letting rip at high speed with the Fast Fire 10, I must add that it's an extremely capable shooter. Out to 40 metres, I was grouping as well as any 'field' gun, and I think any prospective owner needs to look beyond the Fast Fire's styling. Like or loathe its paramilitary looks, it's an extremely powerful, highly accurate rifle that's ideal for pest control.


  1. I read about these guns a few months back when they were available stockless or with wood - how much are they now?

    Would they take a reflex silencer? it would cut down on the length a bit and look a bit less spindly.

    PS Finally got round to adding you to my blog roll in the Air gun section.

  2. Hi. The price is £785 with the 400cc bottle, but they won't really take a Reflex because (at the moment) Daystate make their silencer only to fit shrouded-barrel Daystate rifles. I suppose you could put a stumpy moderator on... but as the FF10 Silencer is included in the rifle's price, it would be a bit of a waste to 'throw it away'! Plus, the FF10 works very well as a sound suppressor.
    (Thanks for adding me to your blog-roll)

  3. Phew £785 - that's into FX money!


  4. I believe this gun is now being distributed by Prestige Airguns.

  5. Being in pest control we often use air rifles for shooting differnet pests. Initially I started off with the cheap wooden air rifles but then one day I met someone else invocled in pest control and he had an air rifle called a stealth which was lightweight very slick and had a laser instead of a scope. It is an amazing rifle but my only gripe is that it fires only one shot at a time.

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