Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Blow me... A Revelation in Windage!

Wind. It's the airgunner's worst enemy... and my Achilles heel in the field. In all but the most blustery of conditions, it is masterable, though - but how much do you really understand about the effects that wind has on your pellet?

I've spent a few months testing the windage characteristics of typical roundhead airgun ammo - and I've discovered something that I've never before seen in print!

So, I'm in the process of putting the record straight right now - and will shortly be updating my blog with a discovery that's sure to get airgunners talking. Though I'm the one who's done the testing, even I think it's somewhat of a revelation!

Make sure you check into my blog where I'll be giving you the link to an exclusive, never-before published review on how pellets react in a head wind, tail wind, oblique wind and (very interestingly) side winds.

Watch this space... it'll blow you away, not just your pellets!


  1. Yep...! Thought I'd trail it just so I've 'GOT' to now find time to write about it!!! I mustn't go to the grave with this one...

  2. I hope it has to do with the rise and fall of a pellet with a crosswind. I have noticed this effect and anticipate your next blog.


  3. Wayne. So sorry for not Blogging it yet. With the new magazine (Airgun Shooter) and AirgunTV (YouTube, iTunes and www.airgun.tv), I'm a bit behind on it! I'm probably going to put it into the mag at some point.